Saint Valentine

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and we are so excited! What could be better than an entire day focused around LOVE? It’s what we live for!

So everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is a day for love, but do you know what exactly we are celebrating for?

Valentine’s Day has its roots far back in both Christian and Roman roots, but the most common story about how Valentine’s Day came about is that back in Rome in the third century, Emperor Claudius II decided that young single men would make the best soldiers for the Roman army, and therefore outlawed marriage for all single young men.  Saint Valentine, recognizing this injustice, took it upon himself to perform marriages in secret. Unfortunately, once the Emperor found out what Valentine was doing, he sentenced him to death on February 14, 269 A.D.

Another fun bit of Valentine’s Day trivia is that during the Middle Ages, birds’ mating season was in its peak high on February 14th, and has since been referenced as a day of love for that exact reason.

Written declarations of love and actual Valentine’s greetings date back as far as the year 1400 A.D.! Even today, over 1 billion Valentine’s Day greeting cards are sent every year on Valentine’s Day.

No matter if you are getting married on Valentine’s Day, sending a greeting card, or declaring your love for your special someone, tomorrow is a day to be celebrated! Spread the love, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!