Pinterest for Brides

Inspiration boards are a vital part of the wedding and event planning process. Generally speaking, they are a collaboration of photos, colors, patterns, words, fabrics, textures, or any little tidbits of information that are mixed together to create one cohesive “look” or “theme.” The purpose of the inspiration board is to get a concrete visual idea of the design we want our event to have. It is an instrumental tool in helping all members of the event design team understand the look that the event holder has imagined and always dreamed of, and help them bring that dream to life. is an unbelievable aide in making this task come together. It is an online, virtual design board-builder that is easily accessible to anyone who needs to be involved in the event design process. It allows users to build and create Boards, and gives the user the option to invite other involved members to Pin inspirational photos to the board.

Not only does Pinterest offer a wide variety of categories for event holders and brides to shuffle through and create boards from, but they offer a Pin It! button that can be added to your navigation bar so that you do not necessarily have to have open to add inspiration to a board of your choice.